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Age Proofing your resume

It is an open secret that applicant selection can be disproportionately skewed to favor a somewhat younger demographic; however, all hope is not lost for applicants who do not fit in that box. A lot can be said about years of experience. For starters, it is invaluable, and should not be relegated. In the case of any applicant who is over 50 and looking into managerial positions, such candidates need to be strategic and intentional.

Age is an irreversible factor, which should be embraced rather than disdained. Because it is impossible for a 50-year-old applicant to make herself 35 the right strategies should be implemented from the onset to set the candidate up for success. Intentionality is necessary even before an application is sent. This involves making sure the resume and cover letter are both true representation of the candidate. When the candidate is offered an interview, it is imperative that the candidate interviews like a servant leader. This is important, because the candidate wants to be seen as someone who can lead, but who can also serve.

Contrary to how it may seem, there is no replacement for experience. So, when a candidate has a wealth of it, it should be seen as value. The main question here really is whether or not this candidate is a culture fit. Again, while a candidate in his or her 50s may have not have much in common with younger demographic, there is always a commonality. This is what the candidate needs to find out from researching the company and reading reviews to have the right strategies in place to be one effective and relevant leader.

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