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Faux-Pas to avoid during Job Search

Most of the steps which applicants take are often beyond their control . Interview on the other hand is a step in the job search process, which the candidate can influence. While the expectation is that the influence is positive, when certain actions or lack thereof occur, the influence could be negative.

Lack of Preparation

One of the surest ways of acing an interview is preparedness, just as much as lack of it can sabotage the candidate’s chances of landing the job. Candidates are expected to prepare for interviews to increase their chances of success . Examples of such is reviewing their resumes. It is important to go over resumes, and be ready to provide responses for any question that may arise during the interview. Another form of preparation would be to have STAR style responses tailored to the job description.

Asking Shallow Questions

As a general rule, when an interviewer asks whether there are any questions at the end of an interview, there is only one answer, and that is yes. The only thing worse than not asking questions during an interview is asking a shallow one. That is one without depth, or asking questions that you could have easily found responses to. The goal is to ask questions that would make you memorable in a good way.

Improper Closing

Just as what you do, prior and during an interview is important, what you do to close it, is as well. It is important to ask the interviewer for the next step(s) and timeframe. Typically, when this information is provided prior to the candidate asking, it is often a sign of a good conversation. In the event that it is not mentioned, candidates should not shy away from bringing it up. At the end of the interview, sending a thank you email is very important. This shows that you appreciate your interviewer and you value their time, you are interested in the position and lastly it offers an opportunity to make clarifications.

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