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What organizations Need to do in 2021

2020 has been a year like no other. A year expected to bring forth rainbows and sunshine, but instead we have been dealt the greatest public health threat in the modern world and other social issues. As a result, all facets of our lives have been impacted significantly. Employment is no exception. Second to health, employment is the next sector, to feel the brunt of what 2020 has offered. Hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs and businesses as a result of the pandemic. Which translates into many people being in the job market.

Recruitment has been affected by the onslaught of the pandemic, because a lot of companies halted recruitment for some time, and when they resumed, proceeded with caution. Companies are not posting as many positions as they did the previous years, making job search more so competitive. The hiring process has gone virtual making it somewhat more tedious for hiring managers. Onboarding process, which typically occurs face to face is now being conducted virtually, which puts more responsibility on the employee to do a lot more self-navigation.

Retention is also an area which has been affected. With a lot of employees at home, it is hard to determine an employee’s satisfaction with their current role, resulting in an inability to offer support. For most managers, the first they hear about job dissatisfaction or life change is when the employee tenders their resignation, which is often too late. With the current state, offboarding is becoming more unproductive, because of the available mode of execution. The outgoing employee may not feel comfortable discussing their exit virtually.

Organizations need to take a step back in 2021 and realign their views with the health and social issues that have caused the uproar in 2020 and ensure that they are able to meet the needs of their employees accordingly. They can do so, by implementing steering committees for each of the issues, and make selection a voluntary process. Another way organizations can achieve high levels of satisfaction, morale and wellness is by incorporating events or programs which help foster these values. Having a massage therapist come by the office at a reduced cost, having designated quiet room for employees to go and decompress as needed. Having company sponsored lunch or snacks to boost morale are some of the ways to achieve job satisfaction, wellness and morale

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