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Why do Employers post the same position repeatedly ?

The job search landscape has changed dramatically over the past ten years. There are various factors which now play a part in job application process. One of which is the algorithm, which some companies use to help scan the applications. While some recruiters may still manually scan applications, the bulk of it is done electronically.

Why is this important? When an applicant’s resume or application does not have certain keywords, which the algorithm is looking for, there is a possibility that the resume will not be selected. As a result, the recruiter is forced to repost the same position, because in the first round, there were no viable candidates. Conversely, applicants may have been selected for interview, but none really qualified for the role, which results in the recruiter having to repost.

Another reason why employers post the same job repeatedly, could be in case of expansion. When companies experience growth quickly, so do the employees. This is evident in the assumption of other roles, creating vacancies. Lastly, the reason, every job seeker dreads, maybe there is a rapid and consistent turnover with the position.

To dig deeper into each of the scenarios above, it is important for job seekers to know and have a thorough understanding of how job searches are to be done in the current job market. In so doing, the candidate will ensure that the algorithm works in their favor. Once selected, the effective interview strategies need to be implemented to ensure that the candidate is successful.

Finding out if the role is due to expansion or turnover is no ordinary feat, but it is doable. The best way for applicants to find out, is to do their due diligence and research the company. Are they undergoing an expansion which would explain the need for openings? Another way is to read company reviews. I would add that while company reviews should be considered, it should still be with caution, as one cannot fully know the context of these reviews.

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