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Why Learnable?

..... because it really is. Everything is learnable. If you have the desire to learn it, then you can. Learnable by Dr Mo (LDM) promises to offer great online courses for the mid-level professional who is ready for career advancement, either in form of a dream job, or promotion or everything in between.

Now if you are like me, you know, that the process for finding a job these days, is arduous and painstakingly time consuming, did I mention frustrating? As if things were not bad enough, now add pandemic on top of that. What this tells me is that job search has to be strategic, intentional and purposeful.

Gone are the days, where job searching was done using just the internet search approach. There is more to to it, these days. I teach participants of my online course how to navigate through it all. From the first step, where we discuss current realities, to your 91st day on the job. We cover it all.

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